Step Inside The Mastery Dojo

Your weekly business-gym, and a tribe of like-minded founders, helping you to succeed. This will not be easy. Are you ready?

The program is limited to 8 founders. Forever.

By Dima Sarle

Get Guidance and Practice

Having created a bunch of accelerator programs, I know what doesn't work.

Everyone focuses on theory and knowledge. In our Dojo, we will focus on practice and implementation. Weekly. Through hands-on and practical tools.

Personal Board Of Directors
Simulation Exercises
Mastermind Groups

Create personalized solutions for both your personal and professional challenges. We meet weekly. We chat daily.

Like in a martial arts club - we will practice our battles. Role-play that investor meeting & firing interview.

A group of like-minded founders. Your secret advisory board for you as an individual.

Do you often feel stuck?


You Need To Get More Funding Faster

Your product is solid, but you get no’s nonetheless. You emailed hundreds of investors but you rarely get a meeting. You focus on fundraising, and your business gets forgotten.


You Overspent On Your Sales Team - With No Results

You don’t know whether to focus on inbound or outbound. You have salespeople, but they can’t even cover their salaries. The traction you do have, you don’t know how to scale


Scaling The Business Is Harder Than You Thought

You loved your cosy five person team. You used to laugh. As you scale, you smile less, stress more and you don’t even know who that guy in the corner is, and he has no clue what he has to do.


You Can't Talk To Anyone About How You Feel

You are the boss. You need to keep up the image of success and wisdom. Yet you have fears, insecurities and problems - with nobody you can talk to.

If you answered yes, you're not alone. Many entrepreneurs face these same issues every day.

You No Longer Have Time For Yourself & Things You Enjoy

You find yourself deprived of time for self-care, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your own well-being.


Your Productivity Is Far From Where You Want It To Be

Your productivity and desire to create goes down as you focus on plugging the holes instead of dedicating time to what you truly love.


Join Your Tribe

Become a part of an exclusive, action-oriented community limited to just 8 entrepreneurs, who will become your tribe, support system, and collaborators on your journey to success.

We start the journey with a hot-seat session, where you share your story with the group. If the group accepts your membership, we will do a personal onboarding process.

Together we will take action to make you successful. Whatever it takes, we will do it together.

Hands-On Support
Entry Assessment & Goals
Weekly Training & Meetings

Share your wins and challenges, and get feedback from others who have been in your shoes. Keep each other accountable.

Once you join, we will do a personality test, an investability analysis of your startup, and run a goal-setting session.

Need an investor? We will go and look for one. Got an employee problem? We will jump right in. Hands-on and real.


Every problem is an interpersonal relationship problem. To that end, we will provide personal mentoring, but also jump straight into business mentoring when needed.

Dojo Days
New Experiences

We will occasionally invite you to half-a-day or full-day trainings filled with content to take you and your company to the next stage.

We will go beyond. Together, we can go to conferences, order sound healing sessions and have new experiences consistently.

Development Through Action

This is not just a mentoring group. This is a real Hands-On Dojo, where we focus on action and implementation and hold each other accountable. If you don't put in the effort, you are out. This group will be an unbreakable unit of personal power.

Meet Your Guides

Dima Sarle

That's my name, granted I have made some modifications. The best way to know if I can help you out is to have an exploratory call together.

Also, if you are reading this - there is a good chance we know each other already or you passed the initial filter.

If not, and you need some convincing - here is my Linkedin, website, and my Earthian Passport.

My mission in life is to help people achieve personal freedom and unity.

To do that, I use three main values: responsibility, action, and presence.

Depending on your needs, we will invite guest mentors, guides, and speakers to specifically address the challenges and problems that you are facing as a group.

Guest Mentors & Guides

More Benefits

Here is the list of add-ons you will receive at Dima's Self-Mastery Dojo. Together, we will also come up with more.

  • Personality Assessments

  • Investability Analysis

  • Personal Advisory Board Meetings

  • Pitch Coaching

  • Closed Online Community

  • Progress Tracking

  • Strategic Guideline & Clear Vision

  • Personal & Business Alignment

  • Mindmaps & Templates

  • Personalized List of Goals

  • 24/7 Online Support

  • Mentors On-Request

  • And more, based on your request

  • Traveling together

  • Fire Council & Dialogue sessions

Pricing Options

Mastery Dojo Welcomes Every Purpose-Driven Earthian

Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their path of personal excellence and self-development - no matter their financial situation.

If you are currently unable to pay the full amount, pick an amount that works for you. Then, commit to a period until you can go to the full payment, and we have a deal. If this does not work - you may make us an alternate offer.

600 euros

A monthly commitment shows your readiness to work and ensures that you will show up and do the work. The Dojo will benefit from serious and committed members.

Monthly Commitment

On my end, I promise a full-satisfaction guarantee and transparency. Most of the money will be used to cover my time, but I will set aside funding for inviting speakers, going to dinners, and having fun as a group.

The money will be invoiced to your business and VAT will be added..

Unconvinced? Let's talk.

If you landed on this password protected website, it means that I truly believe I can deliver value to you, and your organization.

If you don't feel this to be true, I would love to know why and to see if there is something I can do to change this opinion.

My goal is to help people and companies go towards freedom and efficiency. Thus, if I see that I can do it, I will do everything I can to be able to make that happen.

Let's talk.